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This is "must have information" and we guarantee it will provide great benefit. Enter your name and email and in no time you'll Instant Download our book which explains "step by step" exactly how we find on average $100k "at least" in no time.  It is absolutely real so READ IT....

"Marketing Potency"

Stop Wasting $$$

Have you ever dealt with a "High Priced" Marketing Firm or Marketing Guru with "mystical solutions"? Did you get burned or feel disappointed with the results? Or are you thinking about it? You need to watch this short video which is a real example of one of our clients results... See what we can do for you...

BTW - Our services pay for themselves...

We've mentioned prior that we are a Fiduciary ensuring your best interests are put first. We've mentioned we operate under an

"Ironclad" NDA and "Non-Compete" ensuring our client's information is always private, protected and confidential. We mentioned unlike our counterparts WE DO NOT speculate, we prove our results in advance and guarantee to produce "in writing". We conservatively promise a 300% ROI on our clients initial investment within 30 days and a 200% ROI on our monthly fees each month after (Year after Year).


No one else in our industry does this. We're not asking for a "leap of faith" or to just "trust us". We only ask you take us for a Test Drive, not for 30 Days, not for even a week, only 45 minutes to prove we are the preeminent experts and can significantly increase your profits based on 40 business fundamentals, not magic... 

How A.I. E-Marketing Works 

A.I. is No Trick, No Promotion or HYPE, it's definitely uncommon and rare. Because its NEW there will be doubters but we "Challenge Any Firm, Anywhere" to a Marketing "Run-Off", you set the stacks and get your entire Team together (because you'll need them all) and let's compete. The objective is simple - Produce Leads or Prospects for our Client's. We'll Guarantee Our Work in writing, Will they Guarantee Theirs?"

BTW - Our services pay for themselves...

How The A.I Software Will Increase Profits

We utilize exclusive tools including our software patents and A.I. systems to locate and prioritize immediate financial breakthroughs in any business regardless of industry. Using over 497,000,000 algorithmic sequences and historical data from thousands or sources we can quickly build a "roadmap" to success for your business with near perfect accuracy. This is because of the methods we employ and quality of our data sources. Our A.I. mainframe will find the flaws in your business and provide fast acting solutions to implement and turn those flaw into immediate profit increases.  


Today's marketing philosophies DO NOT WORK for small business owners. There were conceived to favor and benefit large companies with "bottomless pockets", who deliver countless short advertisements that provide NO really message but are intended to make you remember their business product when needed. Small Business "Go Broke" daily trying to compete on that level.  We can about guarantee you conception of a complete marketing campaign is wrong. That's okay because you've been deceived into thinking this way. We will straighten you out.


Is your business reaching your potential? Is your company average or below others within your industry? Watch this video and learn how you can find out how you stack up. Regardless, or where you are today our firm guarantees to take you to the next level. Best of all you have nothing to lose by taking us for a FREE 45 minute "Test Drive"... Then we can prove our worth in formulating a relationship built on trust and results. 



You are an expert within your industry... We are preeminent experts in business and marketing... Together, we can accomplish great things! Between, One-On-One access with a seasoned Growth Specialist and our patented E-Learning system you will gain the equivalent of a College MBA in no time. This knowledge stays with you forever. Once the fundamentals are covered you and your Growth Specialist can work on advanced principles and implementation strategies. All Coaching Clients receive access and there are different levels based your program enrollment level.

Disclosure: Listed below are just a few examples of the businesses we have helped. They've agreed to allow us to showcase their companies in support of our results and in conflict with our NDA agreement. At no time is it permitted to contact these organizations in regards to our services. All requests for further references must be made directly through us, no exception. Our clients privacy is of the utmost importance to us.
Inc. Magazine

Industry: Media

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Circle Payments

Industry: Payment Technology

Audemar's Piguet

Industry: Luxury Watches

HR, Inc. Crunchbase

Industry: Software Development

Forterra, Inc.

Industry: Pipe & Precast

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MW Industries, Inc.

Industry: Metal Components

Bulbs America, Inc.

Industry: Retailer 

Greater Baltimore

Industry: Civic Organization